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Olivier Malcor wedding Photographer Provence

Olivier Malcor Provence Wedding photographer

My family is large, very large. There has always been, somewhere in Provence, a more or less distant cousin who gave us the honor, my parents and I, of attending his wedding. As long as I can remember, each spring is a bloom of white dresses and costumes, smiles and emotions which multiplied during the summer, sometimes even to the threshold of winter… and it continues!

Wedding photographer in Provence

To tell you the truth, I began hanging around wedding photographers’ sides at the age of 4, fascinated by these high-tech devices and the way in which the best of them, often the most open, the most casual, managed to restore these moments. For me, these nice gentlemen were kind of aliens, modern artists with great powers: they captured the moment, recreated  an atmosphere, put the most stressed guests at ease. Thanks to their magic box, the newlyweds seemed more beautiful than ever…

It is no doubt that this strange interest prompted my parents to give me, a few days later, an old Kodak Instamatic. At subsequent weddings, I was still in the photographer’s way, with my « immortalizer », then proud to show my own shots. Some of these professionals were fed up, others made me play the role of the apprentice, let me carry their equipment – to my mother’s great despair  – and gave me tips. I had agreed with my parents to « not disturb the photographer too much », and to play games of my age. Not easy !

Nonchalantly, time passed, and photography became my passion, like many teenagers. Except that my favorite playground remained weddings, so rich in topics, so different from each other. One day, a cousin thought that entrusting me with the taking of her wedding photos would be a good idea. After all, that’s what I’ve been doing for around fifteen years. In all modesty, it even happened that one finds my photos better than those of my official « counterpart »… The transition was made naturally. I went « pro »… retaining my own look on the privileged moment that is a wedding, a moment that I will not want to photograph under rigid rules, following a formatted technique… My wedding photos are never « snapshots » of marriage.

Wedding photoshoot Provence

Today, in my thirties, I have done more than 130 weddings. Without a doubt I have the device I dreamed of, and I am doing a job that I value in the service of others. First of all, an immense responsibility, but also, always and forever, a real pleasure.

Wedding in Provence

My report starts with the preparations. This is an opportunity for me to capture many small moments, surrounded by your family and friends, that you will be happy to recall in a few years. This moment also offers me the time to immortalize in detail rings, dress, shoes and jewels that you will have taken a year to choose.

Then the pace accelerates, town hall, church or both. I am in reporter mode. Discreetly I stay around you and I capture your happiness and that of your loved ones. Solemn moments, unusual moments, emotions, laughs. My memory cards record everything.

In the late afternoon we take advantage of the « golden light » to make the famous couple photos. Rest assured the times of the bride, daisies in the mouth, lying in the grass is over. I put you in a beautiful setting, guide you slightly and leave room for improvisation and nature!

At your request, I also do group photos, quickly but always in good taste. This moment, often feared by couples, can be done faster than we think when well organized. I will tell you that when we meet.

At the cocktail, I do not forget all the decorations: tables, flowers, sweets, golden guestbook… I capture the laughs between guests, the speeches of your parents and I organize a photo booth if you wish. Later I distance myself to photograph the interactions of your friends, the centrepiece of course and especially the dances!

The day after this crazy day, at the time of brunch, I will send you by mail 10 photos. So that you already have a memory to share with your loved ones.

A short couple of weeks after, I will send you the link to the gallery with all the reworked photos. Between 400 and 800 depending on your package. You and the guests can freely download the photos. They belong to you.

I know all the most beautifull places in Provence to make amazing wedding pictures. If you want I can show you the old typical village of Provence like Gorde, Lourmarin, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, to make great shoot for your wedding or you honeymoon. I’ll be happy to go with you in the famous lavender field like Valensole and make a Provence lavender field photoshoot.

You will get maried in the South of France?

Tell me everything, where and when!


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